by Mary

Primerica is absolutely a scam! I was with them for 6 months and can tell you, there is no money to be made.

They sell you on the idea that you can make millions of dollars (a red flag should go up when a company has to beg you to join by promising big bucks up front). I joined part time because I thought I had nothing to lose.

I was a stay-at-home mom and was open to extra income. I did learn a few things about money but it’s nothing you couldn’t learn by reading a simple book or visiting a credible financial website.

The so called “regional vice president” drove a beat up car despite claiming to make over $100,000 a year and the other people at the office who were supposed to be our “mentors” had other jobs just to make ends meet.

The most deceptive thing this company does is they have their top earners in the company selling books, audios, and getting cuts from the reps who stay at expensive hotels at the conventions. They are top earners not because the business works but because people are suckered into buying their propaganda.

So, they can point to a few people who make a lot of money but they do it by suckering new reps into going to the conventions and buying the books and audio.

It is very cult like—you are expected to agree with them on everything and if you don’t, you are an outcast and when you try to talk logic and sense, you are told you shouldn’t “be thinking so much.”

I’ve seen first-hand that there is no money to be made in this company unless you’re at the top of the hierarchy/pyramid.

If you are approached by someone mentioning a part time career or a business opportunity, ask what the name of the company is and if you hear Primerica, run away!


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Jan 29, 2016
by: Anonymous

The few big earners in an MLM operation are commonly known as "Whales". They are the ones you see featured in company videos and publications. They are also the ones who charge appearance fees to attend regional pep rallies, and typically also produce and sell training/motivational cds/dvds and booklets to their peers.

Most, if not all, aren't even performing duties for the company other than being spokesmen.

There may be 500-1000 whales in Primerica, but bear in mind, there are over 100,000 reps.

Jan 24, 2016
Exactly true
by: Anonymous

of the 1000's of reports i've read, a full 80% describe the exact same experience. They sell dreams and false hopes but deliver beer money to the vast majority who join. Of the 500,000+ reps who've ever worked there, only 1% have ever cracked the $50k barrier at least once, during any best 12 consecutive month period, and most never repeated that level ever again.

Read Primericas "Book of Destiny" chart of cumulative big earners, making sure to apply the fine print written below it;

"These figures represent 12-month rolling cash flow levels, including advances, which have been achieved by Primerica representatives, past and present, at some point during their affiliation with a Primerica Company, beginning in 1977. The representatives are not necessarily achieving those levels at this time. Further, the numbers reflected in the "Cumulative Number of Earners" column are cumulative from level to level and, therefore, include all representatives who have ever achieved the stated cash flow figures."

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