Nigerian dating scams

by Anonymous

I have been contacted by too many men on Words with Friends that have turned out to be scams. Here are just a few of the names that have been used:

Dr. Oliver James, orthopedic surgeon; jeffJeff Smith, working for UN currently in Damascus with two adopted children staying in Nigeria with their teacher; Thomas Crabtree, Army sniper in Afghanistan; the scariest one is Frank Williams, he is obsessive, threatening, and obviously working in road construction.

All of these guys were met on words iwith friends and immediately wanted to start chatting on hangouts. There have been several others as well

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Apr 11, 2018
Nigerian scammer
by: Anonymous

I met a man by the name of Keith Brian. Have been talking for 2 months. He refuses to give me proof of who he is. I have sent him money, and learned his real name is Mahmud Ahmad a Nigerian scammer.

He is using this mans name to scam women, an evil predictor of women. If you could find the real man Keith Brian Garner I would like to let him know how his picture is being used.

Mar 19, 2018
Share more names
by: Anonymous

These are the names of the scammers that had conctacted me and had asked me for money.

Erick Peters, engeneer from United Kindom, single, living with his mother. He said he sent me a parcel with a laptop, perfume, golden watch and engagement ring and £13,000.00 to keep them for him when he came to visit me, and that I can use as best I could. Hahaha, that was a first. The air cargo sent the package to Malasia and they wanted me to send $700.00 via western union to redirect the parcel. I asked him for the 700 plus $50.00 for local fee. He got so mad at me. I was laughing my lungs out.

Steve Arjo, said he worked for US Government, single father with a kid sick with a heart condition, destined to Africa and needed money for medicine for his kid. Would you believe that?
Uset Slater, single, assalted while visiting Machu Pichu in Peru.

They can be very creative but we must be wiser.
Watch out ladies. They are well skilled to manipulate your minds.

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