Lagos Nigerian Scam

by Jim Zuiches
(Columbus, WI)

Scammed for 51K by a person who goes by Susan Lola Andrews with son Kevin, American stuck in Nigeria, who's father died, has millions in a bank in Minnesota, but cannot get access.

Asked for Itunes cards, has tried to get credit card infomation to have money deposited in my bank, so I can use the money to get her more cards.

Shannon Teddy Dutcher is the same person, both people have FB accounts, Shannon is in Nigeria. But they will tell you that they work for Lush Inc. Robstown Texas, etc etc.

Always has phone problems, but will ocassionally do video calls, phone calls, but always have an excuse about being robbed, phone breaking, owes hotels, getting ready to fly to see you, but never coming. One time she showed me the ticket, begged for mone to pay hotel to come stay with me.

Crazy Susan.

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