I felt like these people will be coming to break in after the demo

by Db

They went to the bathroom and the kitchen and they wanted to get in the bedroom. I am honestly concerned if these are legit, as they could have scanned my house for things to steal. They constantly asked me if my husband was home, at what time he gets home, etc.

I am concerned, they offered a food processor, I got a useless manual food processor, that is what I get for being so cheap and try to get free stuff. I wasted 4 hours of my precious friday night. Is just a stupid carpet cleaner nothing fancy. 2000 dollars for it? What?

Final sales pitch was $1600 and they sell these at Wal-Mart for God sakes! I'm so stupid! I feel so stupid for letting these people into My home. Now I have to watch out for people sneaking in and burglarize my home.

Stupid, stupid, stupid.

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