by Anonymous and

They are fraudulent chinese sites that pretend to be north american sites. I shopped on these sites for 2 boots.($132.40 and $115.45) For about 1 week there was no response and no contact number. When I emailed them, they replied much later (after about 1 week) and shipped cheap counterfeit goods of about $2 value completely different from picture shown on their website.

I believe both sites were opened by the same individuals because they shipped the same counterfeit goods. When I contacted them, one of the email accounts that responded to me was already deactivated.

I can send pictures of what I ordered and what was shipped. Till today, the other 2 individuals that sent shipping details did not respond. They put expensive designers names of shoes on their website and ship no name brand cheap ugly looking counterfeit product to buyer after many days of no response.

I can send pictures of what was shipped for both transactions.

These are the emails of the individuals that responded of

and (/

Cindy White (email is now deactivated)

Kelly alice AND

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