Don't fall for the iTunes card scam

When he asks you to get him an iTunes card, just say "no". It's a test of your allegiance. Next step is to ask you for $$$ for some emergency.

He'll make you feel guilty for not "helping out" during his time of need, but don't listen. It's all a scam. There is no engineer. There is no emergency. Block his contacts and move on.

There are other people who deserve your time and attention. My scammer was Dan Burdell, 604-670-9220, independent biomedical engineering consultant, located in BC canada, installing MRIs in Istanbul turkey, 52 or 56, divorced, swedish born, american citizen, mit grad, divorced with no kids.

This was all during the airport attack and failed coup, so high drama. First asked me for an iTunes card, which I provided like a zombie but I paid cash so my debit or credit could not be stolen. Soon after the failed coup, he asked me for $11.5k.

He wouldn't provide me with ID so I didn't provide $$$. And the the spell was broken. Don't send money to online boyfriends.

They are sociopathic thieves and funders of terrorism.

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