Desmond Williams

by patty59
(mlan - italy)

And here is a previous picture received with an Italian surname. Put it on google images and came our associated to Desmond Williams again then Tyler Scott, Marian Soriano, and other names and Tricia Farias who is an office assistant of Humpal Physical Therapy in Texas.

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May 08, 2017
Same picture being used on Facebook with name Mike Rolly
by: Anonymous

A person using this same picture contacted me on Facebook, claiming he was American. However, he didn't sound at all American and didn't know very basic things about the state he claimed to live in (Louisiana).

He also sent me additional pics of the man shown in the pic above with a wedding band on. I hope that these people get detected and imprisoned for what they're doing to vulnerable women and men out there.

Feb 16, 2017
re "Desmond Williams"
by: Anonymous

Thanks for posting the picture. He looks a lot like Stephen Murphy, who contacted me via FB & then Google Messenger. Something must be up as I have not heard from him today which is odd.

I do wish you well......stay strong my dear.
I just had 2 more friend me; so as therapy it has become a game of wits & Karma.

My first "creature" pretended to be an enlisted soldier in Benin. I was stupid & naïve; which cost me over $13,000.00. That was close to a year ago & I am still dealing with the emotions of falling in love with a stolen picture.

The real man is now retired from the service; works as a pilot & has a gorgeous young wife & new baby. I live with the grinding agony of this reality.

These creatures are slime & I pray that karma will indeed prevail. In the meantime, I am having fun with my little game/battle of wits.

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