Allen Zhang , A Scammer


He claimed to be a Geologist in the US and claimed that he has a house in Texas. Showed me he has a supercar with him riding on it. Told me he is on contract to Istanbul for oil flow. Claimed machine broke down and asked for money.

Beware of this person!! He is using a victim's photo but this is not him!!!

He is a good talker and writes good email. His English is very good and when you tell him you can't help him, he became nasty and told me how sad he was and wanted help badly as he claimed all his money was thrown into his investment which he couldn't take out.

Claimed that he is rich and he will pay back once his work finished. I was almost scammed by him but I am lucky to escape and didn't lose any. He blocked me and I also have blocked him. I

hope karma will get him one day

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