Oil rig scammers

by Joy

I have been scammed twice by men who supposedly worked on oil rigs. Surely there are some honest ones out there, but these two just wanted to get my heart, then my money! The first one, MIchael James was from California and I did send him $245 worth of ITune cards for his sick daughter, Rose, who, according to him, recently died then he asked me to contribute what I could towards a 45,000 $ funeral for her!

Then when I said no way, he got nasty with me and that was the end of him!

The second one gave me all the love texts, etc, some sexting, which, I have to admit I enjoyed, but his back story was, he was going to retire and come live with me but was stuck on a rig in the gulf due to the hurricanes. HE wanted me to contribute to a helicopter to get him and his crew off the rig.

When that didn't work, he wanted me to accept his pay as a wire transfer at my bank and I almost did it, he was that believable, but when he began telling me how stupid I was for not following his directions, I had had enough and told him to get lost!

His name, so he said, was William Cam'ron and I have a social security number for him that I saved, not knowing how to verify it. The name of the bank supposedly holding his money is Hanson Financial Services Limited out of the UK. He never would tell me the name of the rig he was on, and when I suggested he try to get credit in his name to finance a helicopter himself, he never replied.

I was smitten, but not so stupid that I fell for his tactics of trying to get me to finance anything.

Please, don't fall for these guys!

They can talk love til the cows come home, but all they want is your money! Micheal James found me through Facebook, and Wm Cam"ron met on POF, a dating site. I contacted POF yesterday to remove him due to him being a scammer.

Again, they give the honest oil rig men a bad name!

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Nov 09, 2017
Adams Davis/Smith
by: Anonymous

This guy contacted me through Words with Friends then he asked to talk to me through the what's up app then changed it to the hangouts app. He supposedly works in Turkey on an oil rig. Of course he is a widow with a 15 year old son in boarding school or with a nanny -- he changed his story.

Of course he loved me right away. I haven't believed one word he said. So idiotic. Today he asked for guess what ?? Money of course close to $10,000.

Crazy I won't give him one red cent.

Sep 15, 2017
Michael James
by: Anonymous

Michael James tried to scam me, too! He said he was from Corona, CA, but originally from Oslo, Belgium (This was the first red flag - Oslo is in Norway!) He lost his wife in childbirth of their 2nd daughter (yeah, right!)

We met on Words with Friends. He finally quit writing me since I declined all his attempts to start a new game with him. He asked for ITunes cards and for me to accept money on his behalf - I didn't give him anything!

He later told me his real name was Brian Smith - Smith? Really? Whatever!

Run ladies!

Sep 15, 2017
by: Helen

You would not believe how many scammers that I have been talking to. They really think that they got me but they don't. I just let them talk and say what they want to say until I find something that isn't right with them which is practically everything.

I just let them go on and on and on and on and I would not give a man my money for anything in the world. I work two jobs and I'm not giving my money to them. I do not care what they say about how beautiful I am I know I am so I don't need anyone else to tell me that I am.

Everyone please be careful out there and don't give anyone your heart or your hard earned money.

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