Oil Rig engineer for dating scam

by Dee

I have a girlfriend who has alot of similarities to this. Can someone send me pics, name and email please deedee.rushforth @gmail.com and I will respond with pic via email

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Aug 21, 2017
John Santos Williams or Lawrence Okpako
by: MaggieAnonymous

Does the name John Santos Williams or Lawrence Okpako mean anything to anyone else? "John Williams " is asking for money to be deposited to an account of "Lawrence Okpako". I'm not going to do anything at all!!! Just wanted to ask if anyone else has heard of them.

Thank you

Aug 18, 2017
MeetUp Loner Looking for his Love
by: Anonymous

Felix, the oil engineer, hardworking German national who lost his mother and his wife. He is lonely, no kids, got pots and pots of money from working hard and he wants you to be his bosom friend, lover, the lady of his multiple homes.

He picks up on what you will reply and his replies are not those of a kid, though you can tell that something is not quite congruent, because it seems that he is getting some of his material from the internet. That is how I suppose his replies remain above his age.

The guy is most likely a kid, ladies. If you try Spokeo his social media picture comes out as that of a teen boy.

The first flag is that all of a sudden in the first e-mail, this guy is divulging so much personal information that either he is a nut or a very authentic person. Well, he is a kid in this case, option three. Ladies, I got hooked by the third e-mail and wrote this cradle Don Juan an e-mail that is self revealing. Why? Because we women follow the concept of reciprocity.

I met authenticity with authenticity. However, someone somewhere must have figured this young fish scammer out and kicked him off of meetup. I was prompted only when my e-mail could not reach his. I stepped back and looked him up online and found this site.

Yes, felix.s@engineer.com is a kid and a scammer.

Please do not fall for his goofing with your time and emotions. Also, keep in mind, in order to attract a quality man, you have to test him from the beginning for his willingness to do things for you. Word games are cheap.

Even a teen boy can do it :)

Apr 21, 2017
Oil Rig Engineer scammer Hendricks Alden
by: Anonymous

Yet another oil rig scammer. His name was Hendricks Alden. He sent me some pictures. I found those pictures on Linked In, with the name Hendricks Alden. He was Swedish, so he said. He sounded Swedish on the phone.

I thought I was meeting someone local. I never really knew for sure. He said he lived at Raintree Lake just south of Lee's Summit, MO. I think he made up the address because his business was located in Maryland, RI.

He asked for money to have a crew sent to the gulf of Mexico. He couldn't access his bank account. And he forgot to buy all those ITunes cards he needed to be an engineer. Dumb ass. And he all but threatened my life.

Got very violent with me.

Blocked him.

Apr 21, 2017
Oil Rig Engineer scammer Morgan Luciano Reinman
by: Anonymous

This guy called himself Morgan Luciano Reinman. on OK Cupid site. Turns out he is stealing pictures from a member of Parliament from Malta. I don't think it would be appropriate to give that guys name.

He was supposedly on a trip to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to buy oil rig casings. He got stranded there, he forgot to pay taxes on his order and wanted $16,000 to pay tax. I spoke with a reporter from a newspaper in Malta.

The imposter's name was Mark Abelo. It was easy for him to get the guys pictures because they were all over the internet with his family and work.

Beware ladies, he's a real sweet talker.

Apr 21, 2017
Oil Rig Engineer scammer Felix Odolphus Skindkler
by: Anonymous

My scammer messaged me on MeetUps, a local group. His name is Felix Odolphus Skindkler. We never met. He had to go to United Arab Emirates for his last job before retiring. He fell in love very fast. There was an accident on the rig, he had a concussion. Then his work VISA expired.

Wanted money to pay fine.

Then he had to get a lawyer. Wanted money to pay him. Then there was a car wreck on the way to the airport. The driver was killed. Felix was in the hospital with severe injury. He even had a surgeon call me. He said he found my number on Felix' phone under the name Baby Boo. Then Felix had to have 2 surgeries.

He was coming home but needed money to pay for his drugs.

He had a German accent. He even fake cried like a baby begging me to help him. Of course he was going to pay all my bills and he was retiring on the 1.2 million he had earned. He even sent me a picture of a cashiers check. And many pictures and one of his passport. I saw on this site someone else mentioned Felix Sean Skindler, and that he also called her Baby Boo.

Coincidence? I think not! Would love to post his pictures and passport.

Email- felix.s@engineer.com.

His phone is 501-613-7401.

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