Engineer Oil Drill Contractor

by Marlene Brown
(Richmond, CA, USA)

I met Christopher Brooks at He immediately asked for my phone number so we could chat freely. We started talking in 8/6/17 and just now I realized this man is a scam. He sent me pictures of him, which matched his profile which made me feel he was real. He was very kind and thoughtful and made me feel special.

He sent me emails under to tell his sad story about being born in Idaho and his mother died giving his birth and since his father rejected him his aunt from Poland took him with her and he was raised I’m Poland. He came back to US age 30 to Houston where he meet his wife and was married for 12 years. Because she cheated on him with his best friend he was broken heart and stayed alone for years.

This man is so clever that is unbelievable.

When I pushed to meet him or I would not keep talking to him, he immediately set up time to meet me which never happened because he was called to the oil rig to fix a problem in Canada and he had been there since them. I fell in his lies because of the hurricane in Houston, where his partner is and he got hurt and that was the first time I sent money to him.

It was wire transfer to China and other businesses needs keep coming and I kept helping him. I thought it was so legitimate because all the business accounts and type of transactions I did for him. He kept promising he is finishing the project and he will pay me each penny with interest. He promised that he will marry me because I helped him when he needed the most.

The money requests kept coming and I started getting scared and went to look in this site and found many similarities with the guy that is talking to me. I am so sad because I really fell in love with him and lost all my life savings. I lost my husband years ago and thought finally I found love again.

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Jan 30, 2018
Christopher Brooks
by: Anonymous

I met this same man, Christopher Brooks in December 2017. Our experiences with him are nearly identical with the exception that I did not give him money. His email he uses is:

His two cellphone numbers he uses: (925)239-7720 & (647)491-8227.

He still calls and texts me even though I do not respond and have turned all info I have on him to IC3 & the Canadian Fraud Dept.

Jan 09, 2018
Scammer Hibernia Oil field
by: Anonymisert

Iam sure you met the same man as I did, he called himself Alexander Freeman, has a 14 years old son named Anthony. He got troubles with his machine on the rig and asked me to send money to China. His phone number is +14157879921.

He called me on Viber. He is now in Cape Town picking up his son who lives with his uncle. He was asking me for money because he could not pay for the hospital bill for his son.

Dec 11, 2017
Broken heart
by: Anonymous

I really appreciate it. I still can’t believe it happened to me, but I am sure In time will help me put all this behind me.

Dec 04, 2017
Oil Rig Scammers
by: Anonymous

So sorry that you lost both your heart and savings. I'm in the same position, widowed also and believed an oil rig scammer then lost my savings as well. It's easy to fall for these people because they are so believable.

Parts of their story are feasible and other parts just cannot be true. I never thought I'd fall for something like this but these predators are very good at what they do.

Just want you to know there are so many of us out there, keep your chin up. You'll find love again, as I did, and this time it will be real.

Take good care.

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