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Watch For Scams Newsletter. Damage to your computer
February 09, 2012

Damage to your Computer

Watch For Scams is dedicated to helping you avoid becoming a victim of fraud.

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Damage to Your Computer

Cyber criminals can damage your computer systems and data by changing or deleting files, wiping hard drives, or erasing backups to hide some or all of their malicious activity.

By wiping, or "zeroing out," the hard disk drives, which overwrites good data with zeros or other characters, the criminals effectively erase or alter all existing data, greatly impeding restoration.

This sort of criminal activity makes it difficult to determine whether criminals merely accessed your computer, stole information, or altered access and configuration files.

The FBI encourage businesses and individuals to employ mitigation strategies and best practices such as:

• Implement a data back-up and recovery plan to maintain copies of sensitive or proprietary data in a separate and secure location. Backup copies of sensitive data should not be readily accessible from local networks.

• Regularly mirror and maintain an image of critical system files.

• Encrypt and secure sensitive information.

• Use strong passwords, implement a schedule for changing passwords frequently, and do not reuse passwords for multiple accounts.

• Enable network monitoring and logging where feasible.

• Be aware of social engineering tactics aimed at obtaining sensitive information.

• Securely eliminate sensitive files and data from hard drives when no longer needed or required.

Remember, it is better to take preventative measures now, than try to deal with the problem after it has occurred.

Also remember Valentines Day is coming up. Scammers will be taking full advantage of it on dating sites, e-cards and florists. Be especially alert!

Remember - always watch for scams!


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