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Watch For Scams Newsletter. Potassium Iodide Price Gouging
April 09, 2011

Potassium Iodide Price Gouging

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Potassium Iodide Price Gouging

In the wake of the recent disasters in Japan and the widespread fear of how radiation may impact health, there has been a surge of complaints related to price gouging of potassium iodide supplements.

Potassium iodide is a salt of stable iodine that is an important chemical needed by the body to make thyroid hormones. Potassium iodide is normally absorbed through daily nutrition.

Incapable of distinguishing iodine types, the thyroid readily absorbs both radioactive and stable iodine. Potassium iodide works by filling the thyroid with stable iodine so it cannot absorb any more iodine, including radioactive iodine, for 24 hours.

A variety of websites sell potassium iodide online, with the majority of the websites being vitamin retailers. Other websites are specifically dedicated to nuclear disaster preparation.

Prices are generally under $10 for a bottle of pills or a vial of liquid potassium iodide. However, some prices are in the $20-$50 range, and a few sellers on an on-line marketplace are now selling tablets in the $200-$300 range.

Quantities and strength of the tablets or liquid vary, so not all prices are equivalent.

Potassium iodide can be found in prescription and over-the-counter formats. Although it is available over the counter, users should consult with a physician regarding dosage amounts and any potential drug interactions or side effects'

If you have been a victim of this type of scam or any other Cyber crime, you can report it to the IC3 website at: The IC3 complaint database links complaints for potential referral to the appropriate law enforcement agency for case consideration. Complaint information is also used to identity emerging trends and patterns.

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