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Watch For Scams Newsletter. Facebook Scam
June 15, 2010

Facebook Scam

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Facebook Scam

Facebook has been hit yet again by a malware attack.

This time it is disguised as a video that states it is showing 'Distracting Beach Babes'. The malware messages have been appearing on the Walls of a lot of Facebook users. The messages look like they have been posted by friends of the Facebook user. It shows a thumbnail of a woman's bottom in a skimpy bikini and a has link labelled 'Distracting Beach Babes HQ'".

The wording includes the name of the Facebook user followed by 'this is hilarious LOL :P :P :P' If you click on the link hoping to see the hilarious beach babe video, you will actually open a rogue Facebook application. If you give permission for the rogue application to run, you will then be prompted to follow another link to update your Flash video player. However, if you click this 'update' you will actually download and install adware on the your computer.

While this is happening, the application will have automatically posted the same malware message to the Walls of your Facebook friends. To make the message seem more legitimate, the rogue application adds the name of each Facebook friend to the bogus Wall posts.

If you have already become a victim, delete the offending message from your page, scan your computer with an up-to-date anti-virus, change your passwords, and review your Facebook application settings.

It would also pay to advise your friends to do the same.

This attack is believed to be a new incarnation of the earlier 'Candid Camera Prank malware attack, which used similar tactics.

If you have been a victim of internet crime, you should notify the IC3 via

Remember - always watch for scams!


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