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Watch For Scams Newsletter, Issue #008 - Phishing Attacks on EPPICard Users
August 18, 2009

Phishing Attacks Targeting EPPICard Users

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Phishing Attacks Targeting EPPICard Users

We have received reports of phishing attacks on users of EPPICards. The EPPICard is similar to a debit card and is issued by a state agency for the purpose of receiving child-support payments.

EPPICards are currently used in 15 states.

Some people have reported receiving e-mail messages indicating a problem with their account. They are directed to follow the link provided in the message so they can update their account or correct the problem. The link is fake and actually directs you to a fraudulent web site where your personal information is stolen. We have also been advised that some people have received an e-mail message asking them to complete an online survey. When they complete the survey, they are asked for their EPPICard account information to allow funds to be transferred to their account as an appreciation for completing the survey.

Providing this information will allow criminals to fraudulently use your identity and financial details.

EPPICard providers have indicated that they are not affiliated in any way with survey web sites and do not solicit personal information via email or text messages.

Remember, do not open e-mails from unknown senders because they often contain viruses or other malicious software [malware], or click on links in e-mails received from unknown senders as this is a very popular way of directing you to phishing websites.

If you have received emails of this nature file a complaint at

Remember - always watch for scams!



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