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Watch For Scams Newsletter, Issue #001 -- Auction scams more dangerous
July 08, 2009

A Fraudulent Email Claiming to be from the US Customs and Border Patrol

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Scam Email

Currently there is a spam e-mail being circulated claiming to be from the former CBP Assistant Commissioner Thomas S. Winkowski. This follows several fraudulent emails recently that are trying to defraud you using the name and reputation of a federal government official to create an air of authenticity.

The content of this spam e-mail indicates the CBP has stopped a Diplomat who is carrying a consignment to be delivered to your residence. This consignment allegedly contains millions of dollars, which is stated to be an inheritance for you.

As is typical with these type of 'your chance to get rich quick' scams, this e-mail advises you that you will be permitted to access this inheritance once you have given the sender of the e-mail your personal information.

The U.S. CBP does not send unsolicited e-mails. You should not respond to unsolicited e-mails or click on any embedded links, as they may contain viruses or malware.

It is imperative that you guard your personally identifiable information such as date of birth, credit card numbers, social security number, and bank account numbers. Providing this information will compromise your identity.

This e-mail is a hoax so don't respond.

Visit for more detailed information on auction fraud and how to avoid it. Remember - always watch for scams!



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