Who is the real man in these photos?

by Wendy Krause
(Newark, NY, USA)

I have been talking with this man last year and also this year. Researching the photos I do know the photos were misused in the past. They were used with various names. The man I have been talking with has done video chat with me. If anyone knows the legal real name of this person I would be very interested in knowing if it’s the same man I’m speaking with.

He is using the name Jaysen Binney with me. Son Alex that is 16.

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Apr 30, 2019
by: Wendy Krause

The man that was using these photos confessed to me who he is and we talked today. His name is not Jaysen Binney. The man has truly fallen in love with me and I tried ending it a month ago so now I feel free.

Apr 30, 2019
Jaysen Binney
by: Anonymous

I videoed with this man - live video and he is the man in the photo but what is the man’s real name? Yandex.images shows image misused but I cannot find the legal name. He asked me to accept a trunk of money worth millions from Global Trust, pay $1,000 to his son’s Alex school (teacher and Alex did not exist according to the school), $3500 to someone so he could leave the rig early in the Gulf of Mexico.

He wanted iTunes cards so I sent him two of them, and because I told him not to bother coming here he said I had to pay for two more or he would not come to see me. I told him to fly to Africa to pick up his own money, go to North Carolina to see his son and not to bother coming to see me. I know it was all a scam. His wording became stranger and stranger.

He loved saying "I love you so much"

Apr 22, 2019
Searching pictures
by: Andrea

Look at Yandex.com Make a image search!!!

I found there a lot of pictures of him, in a military outfit and even in a prisoner outfit.

Names I found are:
Euguene Louis 51

Antony Robert Denzel

I hope I could help you

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