Quintin Maxwell

by Anonymous

Quintin Maxwell ie Jordan Christopher

Quintin Maxwell ie Jordan Christopher

He started out as Jordan Christopher. Caught his wife sleeping with his best friend. She left him 8 years ago. Has 2 kids, Lisa and Kelvin. Both in schools. One in the UK and the other in Texas. Their nanny lives in Cleveland,Oh.

However he never heard of The America Rock and Roll museum. Claims this is his first big contract with Exon Mobile. 17 million dollar contract. He has 90 men under him. He calls them my men. He will want to have coffee with you in the morning, call you during his lunch time, then call you at night. He needs to hear your voice. You are so beautiful and God has sent you to him. It is part of Gods plan. He attempts to make you feel like you are the only one.

His parents were murdered here in the U.S. He will ask for 100.00 in I tunes. He has a new Iphone 11 that I sent him. He likes to use Bitcoin or Western Union. I sent money via Fedex to 3 different addresses. Not sure who these people are but assumed at the time they were his agents.

They are Anderson Smith, David Green, Priscilla Gonzalez, Joshusa Bakare. 14413 Brafferton Parkway, Fort Wayne,In and 430 valley Road, Weatherford,Tx.

I never could not find his IP address. That is why he uses Hangouts. He said he was Polish. Don’t believe a word. His name for me was Boo.

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