Oil Rig Scammer ? Keith Mesch

by Michelle Heenan
(United Kingdon )

Keith Mesch LinkedIn profile pic

Keith Mesch LinkedIn profile pic

Keith Mesch. This guy has been talking to me for 5 months or more when he contacted me via LinkedIn - he says all the right things and started to get intimate in the phone and it was lovely - he’s from Italy originally but now lives in California- working off shore in Texas - he is divorced no children - it was going great until he asked for iTunes as his bank was frozen and stupidly I sent him the card details.

It then went to 10k as his machine was broke and needed money to fix it - his workers were getting nasty to him and please could I help - I of course said I don’t have the money - it was then could I sell some jewellery and he would pay me back when the job was finished and he would come to the U.K. to be with me.

He asked for proof of my bank that I didn’t have the money - I did not send this only a screen shot if the card that says I am overdrawn but no details.

He says he loves me and he is not a scammer and he begs me to believe him. I was nearly caught before by someone posing a dr in Syria using Fernando Gomes pics and told him this but again he still says he is genuine - - but what man or company is on a rig for 2 months with no work and he begs me to help him as he has no money to get off the rig and no access to the bank.

I blocked him then he messaged me on another phone and emails me. He promises he is genuine but I’ve told him I don’t want anything to do with him.

He asked could I get him a phone as he can’t talk to me as the voice control on his is broken - even a second hand one would help.

He stole my heart for sure - Why do these men do this surely there are easier ways to earn a living

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Feb 21, 2021
Keith Mesch
by: Anonymous

He is a Nigerian. That’s their job. It is an easy job as they just sit in front of a computer and say the same loving messages to many women, sit back and the Amazon gift cards, ITunes, Visas, phones, cash, bitcoin, etc keep rolling in from various women.

They want you to sell your house, mortgage your house, sell your car and drain your bank accounts. My long term scammer wanted $75,000 for a machine part, never asked for gift cards. Of course he broke my heart but he never got one dollar as a scammer. Eventually he revealed himself after I blocked him on Hangouts. He emailed me and wanted to confess. I know his identity now and have done real videos with him.

Basically they are taught white women hate black men and they deserve to be compensated to get even with us. They have no conscience. All you can do is spread the word about scammers but unfortunately most don’t because they are embarrassed. This the scammers rely on to continue scamming other innocent women.

Best wishes in the future. Do not trust men online. Meet them in person. Never give anything financial to men.

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