Chris Rauhoff, Portuguese oilfield engineer

by okiegal63

Here are a few of the pics I have of the purported Chris Rauhoff, not his real name. I have more if you'd like to see. My story is:

Just thought I would throw this out. This guy found me on Match. His user name is 45Fountains and says he is from Pittsburgh. Same saga, 55, widowed, one child who is mysteriously never around, parents dead, no siblings, wife died of cancer, oilfield engineer and currently working on a "big job" in South Africa.

He only does international jobs by the way, often traveling to Spain, Switzerland, and other places afar. He said he came to the US at the age of 20 from Portugal. I have spoken with him on the phone and his English is broken, but slow and methodical. This is intentional as it soothes your brain.

Uses a Colorado number which is 720-522-9015, but just so you know, it is a TextNow app number, so who the heck knows where this guy is. He sent me many pics and none of which surfaced on a Google image search until the last one. It popped up with about 6 womens names.

There is a real Chris Rauhoff living in Pittsburgh who works at a museum, but this guy is NOT him. Pics don't match.

I am a bailbond agent and private process server in Oklahoma (moved to PA 6 years ago). He doesn't know this. He has no clue that I can find people for a living! LOL

Anyway ladies, always always trust your gut. There are no fairy tales, there are no knights in shining armor. If your gut gives you any inkling at all
that there is a problem, believe it.

So, I met this guy online about three weeks ago...of course, he professed his love right away and I was suddenly a Queen. Who knew? LOL
I suspected he was a scammer, but let him play the game and I was very cautious, but never let him know that.

Last night, from his work site in S. Africa (Durban), he said he needed a favor and only trusted me to do it. He wanted me to log into his online bank account and check to see if a deposit had come in yet. He blamed the internet connectivity issues there for not being able to do it himself. Whatever.

Never do this. As soon as you log in from your computer, they will be able to snatch your IP address and hack your life.

I, of course, declined and told him surely he could trust his son more to do this. He got upset really quick. Then it was all about lack of trust and sheer and utter disbelief and oh, can't forget how disappointed he was.

I was waiting for this....waiting for the bait. I blocked his number, got onto Match and reported him and blocked his profile. I will be super cautious and diligent in case he sneaks his way into my life somehow.

Oh jeez, I almost forgot, yes I have pages of words of love and other BS that he sent me too. I should search them and see if they are copied and pasted! If anyone wants pics to compare, let me know.

Have a great fall day. It was 39 this morning and I am loving life!

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Mar 26, 2020
Has Anyone Else Been Contacted?
by: Anonymous

I am trying to find out more information on this guy that is scamming people. He recently started talking to my mother. He said that he is working overseas, has a son in California, his wife died etc. He said he started his own side business. Started sending my mom these orders to pickup from Walmart for gaming consoles that were paid for and then wanted my mom to send them to an address he provided.

The names he was giving her for the orders were people that he stole their credit card information. I did my own research and reached out to these people.

Just want to know if anyone has more information on this horrible guy! Please reach out so we can get him caught!!! Thanks!

Jun 11, 2019
Robert Marius
by: marilyn

This scammer I just met on Words with Friends. I wanted to catch him and asked him if there is another site we can go to. We are talking in hangout. 10 hours later he asked to call me but I said no. He did anyway. I did not answer. There are words the other scammers used I caught right off. And he is jumping the gun fast. The best thing to do if they ask for money is say no and lock. Never give money. If they ask for anything else say no.

Apr 23, 2019
He’s still going
by: KatieS

This scammer contacted me on WWF using the name Gilbert Morrison or Morrison Joe Aldelbert. I also talked on the phone and WhatsApp. Great pics but it didn’t add up. It didn’t take me long to figure it was false. I heard the same story of widow, etc. offshore oilrig engineer but he doesn’t know the correct details to give.

He didn’t ask me to open a bank account, he asked for my Apple ID. but I'm not giving that out! So does anyone know who the actual person is in the photo. After seeing about 90 pictures it leads to curiosity.

Aug 14, 2018
by: Anonymous

A scammer using these pics tried to chat me up yesterday using the above name on Instagram.
Similar story, wife tragically killed in a car accident visiting her parents in Colorado, leaving him boo boo to bring up his daughter all by himself.

Dec 03, 2017
by: Anonymous

He is also Bolton Littlewood apparently on Facebook.

Oct 30, 2017
Gregy Turnet
by: Anonymous

He also goes by Gregy Turner. He found me on Words With Friends and is STILL PLAYING Words With Friends under that name. His profile picture is the one with glasses and the ball hat and black "Boss" shirt.

Oct 30, 2017
Chris Rauhoff / Gregy Turner
by: Anonymous

This same guy contacted me on Words With Friends but his name is Gregy Turner on that site. He is still playing Words With Friends using this picture (with the hat) using the name Gregy Turner.

Thanks to this site he didn’t get any money from me but I was buying his fake romance until I read about the oil rig scam.

Thank you for what you do here to inform people.

ED: You are welcome

Oct 03, 2017
Portuguese Oilfield Engineer
by: Cynthia

You are so smart. Did not know about the part of logging into any of their sites an it will take your IP adress. Thanks also for posting pics.
As I always said on many of these type sited do not send 💰 money.

Everyone in their family is dead and usually the wife from Cancer or car accident. Parents are dead and they are raising their kids alone. So don't play their games ladies as we will not be supporting their life style.

Keep your heads up ladies and talk to someone in your own home town or close by and leave these International players alone.

They are also starting to get old and so not look the same.

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