Words with Friends scammer

Says he works on an oil rig in aberdeen scotland. Getting ready to retire.

Goes by murrayscott762.

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Feb 11, 2018
Scammers constantly
by: Anonymous

Seems as if we've moved on from fake American guy on an oil rig to a fake American guy whose father is from Brazil and mom is from the US. Says that he moved to the US after his father died. I got this same story 3 times, by 3 different guys in one day. What I don't understand is how they can possibly think than an American is not going to know how another American speaks/writes.

They insist they are American and yet phrase things in such odd ways that no native English speaker would ever do. Anyway, it's annoying BS and I love to actually just play the game.

Feb 05, 2018
Aberdeen Oil Rig
by: Anonymous

His Name is Michael Krass on POF who is very handsome white hair 60 years old. Said he lived in Vista, CA. Started talking every day online. He was completely in love with me within a week. Widowed 7 years ago. One daughter 17 attending university in UD studying Pharmacy.

Within weeks his "daughter" emailed me, calling me MOM and how happy she was her father finally found love again. We never met, but we were scheduled to meet, but he wins a 40 million dollar contract (sent me a copy of the contract) and has to leave that week for Aberdeen, Scotland.

Gave me many details of the rig, and his english was very good, parents are dead, and he sent childhood pictures of himself. He was very good!! He cannot wait to get back, he will spoil me the rest of my life. blah!!

While on the rig his daughter in UK gets robbed of all her money and phone and will not be able to pay the school fees to sit for her exams. He's so distraught, asks me to send the money directly to her school master, and gives the routing information. Of course he will repay me as soon as he returns home.

So glad I did not allow myself to be taken by this man. His words every day were so wonderful, it was easy to fall for him.


Feb 04, 2018
Wilson Chris
by: Anonymous

Is anyone else being scammed by Wilson Chris? A family member of mine is, but she’s refusing to believe it’s a scam.

Jan 11, 2018
So confused
by: Anonymous

My scammer cannot be found on any social media but I haven’t asked him if he is on social media either.

He never asked for my email or to go into chat rooms either. I’ve read that Nigerian scammers will not answer your questions and go by a script. However my scammer answered ALL my questions and even let me take the lead.

There were different things that threw me off with his English. Sometimes sounded like he was from the U.K. but claimed he was from the US. He said he was from the same city in fact.

Instead of claiming hardship he told me that the job he is on is making him a lot of money and talked about starting a business with me when he gets home.

I have scanned his pictures on every site I can find and there are no matches. I was so afraid he could hack my phone so I blocked his number.

I wanted to report him to help save someone else for falling for him but most sites require the scammers email address.

I hope to God I wasn’t reading too much into it and I didn’t let the real thing go lol! But I figured I went this long without a man better to be safe than sorry! 🙄

Jan 09, 2018
by: Anonymous

Is this guy working on an oil rig? Has he called you? My guy called me all the time....every day or more.

Has he asked you to get a gmail account or sign up for Google Hangouts?

Could be a different guy.

Be very careful!

Jan 08, 2018
Words With Friends
by: Anonymous

Same. Messaged me on Words With Friends. We switched briefly to regular cellular text. The town he told me he lived in is only thirty minutes from where I live in and he was never married. Brother died in a car accident a year ago and his 12 yr old niece now lives with his mom in Ohio. Marine engineer leaving for Texas for 3 months.

He texts me every day. Picture is average guy. Sent me a picture of him and his brother and told me he misses him everyday. Sent me a picture of his niece too. His english is very good but does use "cos" frequently. Seems to be very good in geography. Told me a lot about his job in great detail. Said this will be his last "contact" because he can do consulting and stay in one place so he can raise his niece.

He has not asked me for money. On the contrary he knows that I am unemployed and asked if I missed being in the salon industry because having my own salon could happen when he gets home because this "contract" pays very well and that’s why he took the job.

He said he wished he met me before he had to leave and can’t wait to meet me when he gets back. He has answered any questions that I asked him.

There’s just things that don’t make sense. I can’t find him anywhere on social media. I scanned all his pictures and nothing came up with a red flag. His cell number is registered to Ohio where he said he lived before moving to NJ.

I’ve talked to him during the day and at night. He wanted to know if I was "into him" and he says that he is "into me" and talking to him makes him "smile ear to ear like a baby". Says he thinks about me all day at work.

I’ve never been on any dating websites. I don’t even play strangers on WWF or follow strangers when on Instagram or Facebook. I have no idea why I responded back to him on WWF but it was NYE and i guess the festivities softened me.

I have been on every scam site and social media trying to find his name or picture associated to a scam, but NOTHING.

He goes by Edward Edison and there are Edison’s in Ohio and an older man is involved with a marine oceanography company. Looks like he owns it with a partner. Another "Edward Edison" in Ohio should be 60 yrs old but died at age 37.

So my red flag went up that he stole this mans identity! He has never asked my age either. Just if I was married before we started talking and then a few days later came "do you have a boyfriend". He asked my religion and said he’s Christian and his profile pic on WWF has him standing in front of a Christmas tree. He said he doesn’t know his father and his mother was born in Israel but lives in Ohio now.

HELP! Am I being scammed? Has anyone played him on WWF? Every time he texts me I picture a Nigerian behind a computer!

Dec 29, 2017
Oil Rig Scammer
by: Scammed

Yes, he was older, bald, with a white beard. Not attractive. Pic is fake anyway. Is your mom getting calls from him. I got many and he had a strong German accent. Very charming, but EXTREMELY ALOOF.

Wanted ITunes gift card for $200 and then more $$$ to "pay his men" and fly back to the US.

Dec 20, 2017
Oil Rig Scam on Words With Friends
by: Dogma4

Mine had EXACTLY the same story. Needed $$$ to get back to US from Scottish oil rig. Madly in love with me. His name was Gray Harris Morrison. Into religion, love songs, "baby, honey, love you so much", etc. "we will be married."...ugh.
Made me change my email to a gmail acct to communicate...i did it. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Used me once.

Had me send him a $200 gift card for iTunes. Used a credit card but he wanted me to go to Walmart in person to buy it. Duh? Out only $200, thank God.

Am married. Didn’t care.i was having marital issues...so i was gullible.

Should I worry about my credit card?

I have multiple pics of him and "his dgtr" in boarding school. Spoke on phone sev X...had thick German accent. Poor writing skills. But played WWF like a whiz. Prob cheated. Can send these pics to someone.

I fell for him only $200 worth. Contact me at lschlick@rochester.rr.com or cell 716-352-3244.if you know this guy. He was weird, but they use the romance to blind you.

Nov 18, 2017
Daniel Brook
by: Anonymous

This man also goes by the name of Daniel Brook using the same story. He has been on the game of Words is where he first contacted me. I cut him off and then I found him on Instagram and asked to be my friend. I friend-ed him and he started with all his sweet talk.

He is good. Used a photo of a white man, which now I'm sure was fake. He also was on an oil rig north of Scotland and his wife died in an auto wreck 5 years ago and his daughter was in a boarding school in Lakewood Colorado.

He told me his wife's name was Elizabeth and I never could find a record of her death. He never got to the point of asking for money but used poems, music, and a lot of romantic talk.

Watch out for this guy.

Oct 09, 2017
North sea scammer
by: Anonymous

Hi Anonymous, Did the white picture show a guy older, with white hair and a beard. I think my mother is being scammed using words with friends, and he goes by the name of Donald Walter. Has sent her a gift etc.

Oct 01, 2017
Oil Rig Engineer Kelly Johnson
by: Anonymous

Kelly Johnson is running a scam on words with friends. Its not his real name and he is using two pictures. One is an Arab man who is real (khaled Ibrahim) and the othe other is a white male whom I have not yet been able to identify.

He claims to have a daughter Lisa in a boarding school and claims he is a widower, whose wife died in childbirth. His claim is he works as an engineer in the sea off of Scotland. There is more but too overwhelming for me to repeat. He is looking for money to buy electric jackets for his crew.

Beware as he is a real charmer but dont be fooled.

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