William Faulkner aged 56 - Surgeon working for UN in Afghanistan

by Gullible

I have just ended a 'relationship' having read these pages. I was on Match.com & 'William' messaged me. He wanted to go onto skype 'because they can't use other comms whilst in Afghanistan'.

I am pretty worldlywise, or so I thought, but have been taken hook line & sinker, becoming rapidly emotionally tied up with this guy. Everyday emailing & skyping for 13 days.

'His wife died of blood cancer, his son aged 14 died, he was the son of a Spanish mother & English father who met at university in Canada. After his father died his mother had a difficult time & brought him to England where he went to medical school, aided by his uncle & so it goes on.

He claimed to be an orthopaedic surgeon, & at one point had to 'remove a leg from someone who had stepped on a landmine'. Lots of flattery, lots of affection, everything anyone who has not had a partner for a long time wants to hear, but in poor English (plausible of course, with a Spanish mother). I guess the next thing was that I wanted to meet him so much I would have been asked to pay for the flight ticket.

I feel so stupid for being so gullible and getting drawn in. Thank goodness I told a family member who started asking the right questions. I became too emotionally involved to see the warning signs.

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