United Nation Organization Dr.David William used as SKYPE SCAM

by Lucy M. Santonia
(Oas, Albay Philippines)

United Nation Organization Dr.David William used as SKYPE SCAM

A certain DR. DAVID WILLIAM has contacted me in skype, I dont know about HIM he not in my contact, I add HIM, we become friends but his camera is off.

He doesn't show himself even a single moment. As days goes by, he ask for my YAHOO acct..we chat in the IM, then HE sent me this letter.


Hi! Honey

With due to compliment of the season and brightness of the atmosphere that inverse me to write you this message, please do extend my sincere and noble greeting's to the entire family, hope everything is okay with over there ? if so thanks to GOD.

I am writing you this message to kindly inform you that my FUNDS is in a bank,,,, ECO BANK ACCRA GHANA our entitlement benefit some of us United Kingdom for some years back now.

I do receive a signal by email from the bank, ECO BANK ACCRA GHANA, two days now that is been a long time that i have operate my account in their BANK / with them , and they give me within three weeks or one month to come and claim or collect my FUNDS from their bank. And the reason why they inform me first is because of the respect that they have for me and my reputation, or else they can CONFISCATE my FUNDS without inform about it first okay.

And the reason why they send the notification signal to me is, Because they want to clear all old account in their bank, because their bank want to EMERGE with a new BANK over there in ACCRA GHANA so they are doing re-shuffment of all old account. so i have to come and claim or withdraw my FUNDS worth $500,000.00 DOLLAR in their bank or they will CONFISCATE / SEIZE it if i did not come and claim it on time in {3} three weeks or 1 month time.

My love as i told you before that i am planing to do investment in your country, before my contract from duty as a doctor My love as you know you are the only one in my life that i can count on trust believed in this matter,so i want you to stand for me as my next of KIN and my legal wife to help me receive my FUNDS in your bank account over there in your country for me, until i arrive there over there in your country.

My love is because of the trust, believed and love that i have for you that is the reason why i ask you to receive this FUNDS and i need your understanding and honest to me and sincere, i know that you are very good woman, please you have to keep it in your mind my love and you know that i love you so much with all my heart and i respect you with all my heart, i promise you that i will never let you down in my life or hurt you ...okay baby

And if you have receive the FUNDS in your bank account successfully i will direct you on what to do with it over there for me, if you do get my email kindly reply back to me on time on more details... thanks and GOD bless you and have a peaceful day with yourself over there for me, i loveyou my angel awaiting your urgent respond as soon as possible today.

Yours Dearest
Dr William Philip

Then I believe in HIM despite him not showing his face in webcam...I obey HIM...them the bank reply...

Attn: Value Customer.

Thank you for banking with Eco Bank Ghana Limited.

This is to acknowledge your mail that you sent to us respective to the transfer of your Friend, William Philip funds that he have here in our bank and your mail are well noted.

The management of Eco Bank Ghana limited hereby writes to inform you that, we have received a corresponding letter/email from your husband to transfer to you his fund that he is having in our bank.

This fund was approved to him by the organization of UN government and AFRICAN ORGANIZATION as a part-payment of his contract with the organization of united nation .

Note: This fund will be transfer to you base on our banking principle and procedures and upon our requirement; this funds will be transfer to you via bank to bank wire transfer and it will be made bit by bit to you as instructed by (YOUR HUSBAND)

We received a transfer authorization from him to transfer this said funds to you as his (WIFE) we shall furnish you with the transfer confirmation as soon we Receive all requirement that is needed for the transfer to commence to your account that you will send across.

You are therefore advice to provide us with the following details of yourself:

1. Your Full name
2. your home and office address
3. copy of identification e.g. passport copy:
4. your direct mobile line and office line
5. your bank account details
6. your bank address

As soon as the above details are received from you, we shall send to you the documents covering the fund E.G Fund deposit slip and furnish you with the details/requirement to enable the transfer to commence to your account.

Best regard
Dr Robert William
Manager Eco Bank Ghana limited
Mobile/Tel +233247639021/ +233302971172

I complied with the requirements of the bank as I thought it was real... but....I doubted with the next letter from the BANK...


Attn: Value Customer

You are welcome to Eco Bank Ghana Limited.

This is to acknowledge the receipt of your mail that you sent to our bank with your INFO are well receive by the management of Eco bank Ghana Limited

This fund is to be transferred to your nominated bank account without any further delay as instructed by William Philip.

Be advised that this fund is to be transferred to your nominated account, and this would be done in line with our banking procedures, and on our requirement.

Notes 1: you are to open a NON-Residential account with our bank before we could transfer this fund to you, from his correct account that he have here in our bank.

This is due to the fact that the fund is in an ESCROW ACCOUNT, and the transfer could not be made directly from the Escrow Account, that is the reason why that you have to set up the non-residential account to enable us proceed with the transfer to your nominated bank account that you sent to us.

The cost of opening this Account is $459USD because it is an offshore account.

Note 2: Attached is a copy of the fund deposit slip and the approved transfer permit of the fund.

You are therefore advice to make the payment to the details below either by WESTERN UNION OR MONEY GRAM.

Receiver: Emmanuel Ogaga
Destination: Accra Ghana


DR Robert Williams
Direct Mobile line +233247639021

I will not be a VICTIM OF THIS I'M only a simple person who are living with simple life...HOPING AND PRAY THAT I CAN HELP OTHER INTERNET USERS NOT TO BE A VICTIM WITH SCAM.....

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Sep 02, 2017
Dr David williams
by: Anonymous

This person is online with me right now. He contacted me by challenging me to game on words with friends (can you believe that). I was suspicious right away.

He is saying that he lost his wife during childbirth and has a 13yrs old daughter. He is saying that he is from arizona USA, and there is a pic. He has Gen.Davidwills as his user name. I initially assumed that he was US military and wondered why on earth a General would be playing wwf.

I thought it was just someone using wwf as a dating site as I have had this happen before, but became suspicious when he said he was a U N doctor. It became apparent almost immediately that English is not his first language. He covered that by saying he was partly from US and Germany, but states that he lives in the US.

I thought it all highly hilarious until I googled him and realised that people had been conned. He is definately NOT on the UN doctors list. I hope this info helps others. I still have him, don't know whether to report to wwf as abuse or is there anything else that can be done to catch this piece of filth

Aug 30, 2017
United Nations scam
by: Anonymous

So, this David Williams MD contacted me on face book and came out of nowhere. He messaged me one day and asked about my daughter, and told me he has a 14 year old and he wanted to get to know me better.

He said he was a widower and then I told him I was a widow and he asked for my email and said we can use hangouts. He called me dear every sentence.



Jan 29, 2017
Dr. David Williams
by: Anonymous


Jun 15, 2016
Dr. David William
by: Anonymous

Wished I known about this sooner. I think I caught it in time. I do have a Dr. David William on my Skype.

After reading this I will delete and BLOCK him.

Thank you

Apr 17, 2015
Chenn's Comment
by: Henrietta O. Gates

I feel really fortunate to have used your webpage and look forward to so many more fun moments reading here. Thanks a lot again for a lot of things.

Sep 18, 2014
ghana scam
by: Anonymous

I received email from a woman who described herself as Barbara,60yrs on sick bed and needs my account number to share her money with.I decline and she suggested I gave her my postal address to receive cheque which I provided.Unfortunately, The bank bounce the cheque and I was supposed to pay $6,000.I contacted the Embassy that confirm ut was a Ghana scam and was reported to the Ghana Crime Unit (info.ghanapolice at consultant. com) and scammers are arrested.

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