Paypal Microsoft Scam

by Linda
(Ont, Canada)

I was duped by (supposedly)Microsoft who called me to repair my computer. I gave them remote control over it and they did fix my files but not before I sent $160 canadian via Western Union to them to reinstate my expired contract with Microsoft.

Two days later they called again and said I won their lottery ($1500) and wanted my credit card number or bank account which I would not give them so they said they would put it in a Paypal account.

I said I didn't have one and they popped up the form to join Paypal. Like a fool I filled it in. Then they said I already had one, but by then I had filled out the phony one.

At that point I told them that I wasn't interested in the money and to give it to some one else they said goodbye. I hope I do not hear from them again. I wish there was something I could do.

I feel sooo stupid. I guess there is no fool like an old fool. My advice .. don't trust anyone over the phone or email. What is this world coming to !!

I don't know what to do about the Paypal form I filled out.

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