Nigerian scammer Michael Freeman finds me on Instagram

by Someone who cares.
(Eureka, CA )

A few weeks ago a man by the alias name of Michael Freeman contacted me, acting quite believable as a caring widow and spiritual man. Well one thing led to another, and he was very persistent on having me answer him BTW.

So I finally did. He asked if he could call, and there went what I thought was my intuitive feelings that I thought I always listened to. I got taken by his caring, loving, most kindhearted ways, things that I had never, ever heard before.

I'm sure you know the rest, we talked more than I had ever talked before and certainly he held my interest. He was really good looking, showed pics of his home, his child, his expensive cars, pool, all of it, even told me that he worked for this pipeline company, sent me a picture of a huge contract with even his name in it!

Well, this went very very well for 6 almost 7 weeks, love letters galore! Live poems, and I kept asking him why don't we ever send video cams? Why haven't I got to talk to your daughter etc? He always had a answer. Then just a week ago he asked me for 5,000 dollars! Made up this line about being over in Turkey on this job and the government over there had him pay all the workers upfront for 30 days work!! And his hotel cost and so on and on goes the story.

I immediately saw a huge red flag! I hung up the phone, made it seem like I had lost my cell phone connection. Now let me just add that he had already said I love you a million times, asked me to marry him etc.

I didn't answer my phone again till the next day. He was frantic, crying, and mean saying stuff like I thought I could always count on you etc etc. Made me feel like I was doing something really wrong. I tried to talk to him, console him, well, I can go on and on, but what I want to finally tell all of you is I had given him my email addresses, 2 of them.

One had all my bank statements in it, and he hacked into my bank account! Then I did further Investigation on him on Instagram, and this wasn't even his real name, he didn't live in Atlanta Georgia, he didn't have a little girl, he had never been married, not a widow, he wasn't even a white man.

He was black and living in lagos, Nigeria. I confronted him with everything, turned him in to all that I could, I first felt like I shouldn't of even called him, but I wanted to let him know that he was caught. And.... I am going to do all that I can to let others know about it also.

His real name is Michael Zino.

He does live in Lagos, Nigeria. He is a lot younger than what he told me, he's only 30 yrs old, when the white Atlanta Michael was supposed to be 56. I felt like a real fool when all of this happened, but now I see how common it really is, and they prey on the lonely, the widows, people who love children etc, whatever they can see you as.

Please don't forget this guy, he's on Instagram, Facebook, uses gifford as a middle name with Michael Freeman. He uses a very good looking white man with real nice cars.

Beware from someone who really cares, and has learned a very valuable lesson.

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