Michael Yann - Scammer on Word With Friends

Word With Friends pic - not really him

Word With Friends pic - not really him

I have played games for years on WWF and last week someone asked me to play. First it was a picture of the US flag flying in front of a house and then he updates after we started playing to 'whom ever picture he stole'.

He started talking and I tried to shake him some with answers that might scare him, but he didn't shake. We talked for a week before he asked me for an iTunes card as he was on the oil rig and needed one as he was going to be there for 3 weeks before he 'retired'. He was acting funny 2 days before this so I knew something was up.

I played with him a little longer. Had someone from a group try to play a game with him and he only played one time and tried to talk to her with 1 sentence and then deleted her, but it was the same thing he wrote to me. He never told me his age, but he was born in Denmark, lives in LA. His dad died when he was young and his mom in 2001. He's been a widower for 2yrs as his wife died from cancer. He has a 17yr old daughter and she is in nursing school....yeah ok.

He sent me several pics of him and his house. At the end he knew I doubted him about the rig and even after telling me they are not allowed pictures, he sends me a picture of him on the rig (which his face did not look right on the body) it was stretched out.

Then he sends a video of 'them working on the rig' and a 3 sec disappearing Shell Corporation ID. Sure, someone sends a quickly disappearing ID from a rig. Luckily I know better but I know he is still on Words with Friends playing games and I'm sure he is connecting with other women and will fall for it.

His ID is Larry_2017 and name is Michael Yann on WWF. He says he has no Facebook account. We talked on yahoo and his e-mail is michaelyann@yahoo.com.

IF you go to spoeko and search his email, you will see who he really is. A younger black male! It's a shame people do this to other people and can't be real. These are only screen shots because I know they can send viruses. Also please be careful not to give your phone number. They can send viruses to your phone and even listen to everything. This is the photo he is using, not the real pic.

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Jul 13, 2017
Michael Yann
by: Lind

Oh I know him but he used another last name and said he was living in Demark. We talked on skype but no face to face and yes he wanted itunes cards and seemed he got mad when I told him no and that was it.

Jul 13, 2017
Mike Jergens
by: helen

Red flags all over here.

Hello dear,

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I'm originally from West Germany ,I'm the only child of my late parent. My only son Kris, works in the Army , German Language is my first language.

I value in a woman love, compassion, passion, honesty, caring and giving. There is nothing better in life than true love. I hope to find my fairy tale . I like to travel, camping, fishing, hiking, the mountains, movies, music, reading, amusement parks, family, animals, writing poems...I'm caring, sincere, loving, honest, loyal, devoted, (if I had my partner), and goal orientated individual.

I am a self employed chemical engineer,i work in oil refineries, and so on ...i have been working for over 35 years and presently i'm in Turkey,working on my final project before retirement,My business has been booming flourishing. My dad worked in Holland before I lost him.I work hard and have achieved a good deal for my efforts,currently i'm in Turkey,i have been here for the past 3 months but i would make it back home after some couple of weeks,i'm so sorry i didn't include that in my profile but i guess it would give us the time to get to know each other better,till i'm back home .

I'm looking for long term relationship, But we both know it depends on the conversations we can hold, Most thing I value in a woman is true love, I want to find a good woman that i can trust, who is possible to love and who would love me ... I am looking for Compassion, passion, honesty, caring and cheerful giver. I want someone that will bring sunshine into my life.now your turn,tell me more about yourself,your past relationship,your experiences so far,your past life,what you are looking for?the kind of relationship you want and any other information you would like to tell me,i promise to do thesame after i read from you,please don't hesitate to ask me any question,i have nothing to hide and i would be completely honest with you.

Best wishes

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