Left me devastated, but not hurt financially

by Jean Adams
(Lake Forest, CA)

Big fisherman - Tony Allister

Big fisherman - Tony Allister

Big fisherman - Tony Allister Secret pic of him on the rig

Never did I expect this! He approached me on FB 'friending" me. Smooth operator in every way. Oh there were definite red flags; poor use of grammar, not understanding certain idioms, plenty of juvenile emojis, but never did he ask for money.

Until last Sat when I felt the A-bomb hit my head & my heart.

After that I was more cautious, however already deeply in love. It took my best friend's "suggestion" to seek out "Oil-rig romance" site, that opened my eyes!

What hurts the most is that I'll never be able to meet 'him', nor his children. He doesn't know I even exist, nor does he know his pictures (and there were over a dozen he'd sent) were stolen somehow. I never seeked out men, truthfully. I've a full life with lots of friends, however this pulled me in so easily, too easily.

I knew not to tell many friends & family because I wanted to wait until I saw him in the flesh. So deep down, I KNEW something was amiss. True to form, my intuition was correct. Sad, but true. I've contacted a newspaper reporter, and awaiting his reply as to whether he'd like to do an article on this type of scam.

It's degrading and disgusting, that women be taken advantage of this way.

Live & Learn!

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Jun 12, 2017
by: Anonymous

I'm pretty sure I've seen this photo with the fish on the app Coffee Meets Bagel, too.

Mar 31, 2017
How do we reply to others?
by: Anonymous

This is all so new for me. I'd give my right arm to know how these scoundrels got ALL those pictures of "my Tony", besides his FB site. I mean, they sent over a dozen photos, scattered throughout our daily messages. Guess we'll never know.

It takes awhile, but I'm not weeping now. I insist on reminding myself that it's those "tall, skinny, black, young Nigerians" that sent all those lovely things, NOT the poor schnook in the pictures.

And yes, Sharon, wherever you are, my "Tony" was most likely happily married. There were 2-3 lovely pictures of he & his "deceased wife", and I asked that he not send more. "But I want you to know everything about me" . . . grrr!!!!

Okay, I'll get by without knowing how to reply, as long as someone gets something valuable out of all this incredible scam!

Mar 30, 2017
Thank you
by: Sharon Henson

Thank you for sharing your story and the pictures Jean. I wish it were possible somehow to contact these men to let them know their images are being used. I tried. The man I was sent pictures of had very distinctive tattoos on his arms so I posted pictures on Facebook and a few other sites.

No responses. Then someone pointed out to me that contacting him may give me closure but he didn't owe me closure. None of what happened to me was his fault, he doesn't even know I exist. She told me to think of what being contacted by a victim of a scam could do to him and his family so I gave up.

I just have to hope and pray that somehow he will become aware and is able to stop his image from being used again.

Good luck to you.

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