George Roland - widower - oil rig worker

by Davinder
(San Diego )

He followed me on Instagram and I followed him back. He then texted me on that site and I started responding. He told me he's a widower. His wife Lizzy died in a motor crash 18 months ago and he has 2 kids - 8 year old Gibson and 5 year old Linda.

He said he's worked as an engineer for an oil rig for 25 years and he's home for another week (Houston, TX), but then has to go to the Gulf of Mexico for 6 weeks. He said he wants to marry me and we will all live together as one big family - my two kids and his two kids. I asked where?

In San Diego or Houston. He said I can chose, money is no object. I can look for s home and he will send the money over for it. This all happened in one day - I started talking to him yesterday - September 23, 2017 and he professed that he wants to marry me on the same day.

I google him up, and came upon this site. I texted him back last night that I believe he's trying to scam me and I will not fall for it.

Stay away from someone named George Roland. He looks really handsome on his profile picture and posts pictures of "his kids". This is probably not even him.


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Sep 27, 2017
George Roland
by: Robin

Yep mine also was a widow with 2 kids, wife died in a car crash 3 years ago. We talked for 3 months on Instagram and he wanted to get married. Would be off the oil rig in October and would relocate to Alabama to be with me.

Ha, thank God I found this site before I fell in love. So I was prepared when he finally ask for money.


Sep 25, 2017
George Roland
by: Cynthia

I cannot believe that these scammers are still using "I am an Engineer, my wife died, my mom an dad are also dead and I have one or two kids". These are the same stories over an over.
Stop falling for these same scam stories.

Do not send anybody money as you could be caught up in a money laundering scam and go to jail.

Women have lost their all of their savings loss their jobs an mpst important have loss their HOMES.
These scammers take your 💰 an move on to the next.
If they ask for money which they will delete them

Come on ladies we all should be smarter than this
Date someone in your home state where you can have a real date a real husband.

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