FB Messenger- Benjamin Davids

by Vee
(New York City)

Contacted by a handsome 46 yr old in Scotland of Austrian education and descent. Thick German-Austrian accent. Broken English, bad grammar, but obviously educated. Widower, once married to an Asian woman, left with 16 yr old son.

Persisted in writing me for two months, until I finally gave in... "oh, Pretty lady, please say hello" friend request. I finally did. He professed great love, supposedly in a month. I'm in my 60's. He's in 40's. As far as he was concerned, age was of no consequence.

And so... we chatted day and night. Until he asked for 30,000 to be sent to his vendors/agents on the rigs. He's an architect of submarines heading out to Malaysian waters in Brunei, Singapore.

Ran into unforeseen financial hurdles. 'Please, please honey help me. Urgent need, always!
He is on FB. Has anyone encountered this guy? In any guise? Any other name?

Could I be so wrong in my judgment of who he purports to be? God help me.

Help us.

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Apr 28, 2017
Run, Don't Walk
by: Jean

Oh, I'm certain, after you've read any other comments on this wonderful site that you've been scammed, royally. In fact, if it'll take more proof, Google "Yahoo boys" and SEE for yourself, what these "middle aged, good-looking men" really look like.

Skinny Nigerians. Trolling the net for any dating site, Facebook, etc., day & night. They are slick, somewhat clever with their background stories, but in each case, they have names that are usually "first names" for both first & last.

And they're English is atrocious!

However, with the loving words, gestures, emojis, and sometimes actual flower delivery, they win our hearts in seconds. My best advice, besides running from this horrible scam, is to trust your instincts. I kept shoving mine into the back recesses of my mind, until it was apparent he was pullng a fast one, especially when the whammy hit that he needed $30K for a certain machine.

It's pathetic to think they make their livelyhood this way, but they're getting away with it, so why not? I am very sorry for your situation.

You'll survive; it takes time.

Apr 28, 2017
by: Sharon Henson

We have all fallen for the guise of you they were pretending to be, I know I did. I lost money but mire important I lost my heart, my self respect. I'm starting to get some of that back, the money is gone forever. If you haven't sent him any money, please don't.

His promise of loving you forever will never happen. He says age doesn't matter and that he is 40 years old, he in fact is probably much younger. Your heart will be broken but get out now.

Call your local law enforcement agency. Turn over phone numbers, email addresses, everything to them. If you can post pictures of him to make others aware of the images of the innocent man he is using to talk loving, lonely women out of THEIR money.

Don't give him your money.

I wish you the best Vee.

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