Dating site "OurTime" romance scam

by Lesley Thompson
(Columbia, S.C.)

After joining this site, I have received numerous fake profiles. Chris Erickson claimed to be a US military man for 31 year in Afghanistan, retiring in 2015. After speaking with him on Skype(he had no visual of himself)I recognized his voice as the same man from Facebook the previous year (Jones Ridley).

I immediately ended all correspondence. Both people immediately admitted undying love and wanted to marry me. Ridley actually asked for 60K.

By now, I am expecting every new acquaintance to be a romance scam, and I play along, waiting for the "bait". I removed my profile from the dating site but continue to receive email and Skype requests. The latest scammers state that they have affiliation with oil rigging and are out to sea. They are David Davenport (Exxon Mobile contractor), and Richard Huddson,(Rig Construction Contractor, currently contracting with Oasis).

All of these men are either divorced or widowed, and are retiring as soon as they return from this last job. Then they want to marry me. I am a 60 year old widow. I will never look at another dating site as all of these problems started within days of posting my profile.

So far only Jones Ridley asked for money and I have stopped communication with the others before they had the chance.

Does anyone else recognize the names of the men?

I assume they must change the name often, as well as change up the profile, however some used canned, poetic love poems and quotes from various books.

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