Anthony Williams

by Granny

This man goes by Anthony Williams, Clifford Mark, Morgan Walter, Walter Morgan, Ran Jones, David Williams, James Dawning and Richard Burton, Sneegerxx4, Fletcher Norma, Lucas Thompson and a few more.

They are not all the same person as I had friended or tweeted a couple to see if the speech or spelling was the same and the styles are different. So Ladies beware they even used this pic on a deaf dating site. I am sorry the victim of this and his child will suffer for years to come and you can tell from his looks at the child and dog there is true love there. Take care and beware. He even went so far as to want to do a circle of eternity blood ritual. He almost had me and also on Facebook he wrote there is only one Anthony Williams.

I actually messaged a couple of people that had slipped by his notice and let them know. One woman texted me he was texting her and it was the pauses in between my texts when confronted he swore he was talking to no one else. Even though we could almost do the whole conversation without him being in it.

Ladies if its too perfect then question it and let someone else know about it. If he protests then block him. Oh yeah and he owns a saloon car along with his other vehicles plus the eternity vow is from India. The pics are mostly of a younger time with the child and dog. I have one of the child that would fit the most recent timeline but will not post a childs pic and the gentleman is older. No family except an Uncle, divorced, child is 11.

At least the pics are of a man who is hot and dreamy lol.

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Nov 13, 2017
Anthony Williams
by: Granny

I see people just going crazy once they find out how to turn these people in. I am all for it but research research people. The real person has been turned into Facebook and other sites as a scammer. Their lives are bad enough.

Ask people that know what they are doing first. Sorry needed to rant I am shocked at some of these people who take it upon themselves and never ask the posting people if they need help or have done so already. It makes me just want to not post just turn names over.

I find of all sites this is the most professional thank you.

ED: you are welcome

Oct 21, 2017
More names
by: Anonymous

Higgin Kamill, lucas Thompson, Robert Peter, Dave McClean, Clifford Mark, Robert Christopher2, paul Walter, Dale Welch, Jerry Lange, Richard Ron Macon, and Ron Macon

Oct 11, 2017
Anthony Williams
by: Cynthia

You have done an excellent background search.

As I say on all My posts do not give anyone 💰. Do not pay for their cars homes and vacations.

Do not get caught up with a FBI investigation for fraud activity.

Ladies please be smart as we have been handling our business for ever so do not send money. You will never see these guys and they are scamming not only you but lots of other women at the same time.

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