by arturo rico reyes
(jasper ala. usa)

First of all I know the kirby system is good at cleaning and all the other stuff. They are worth $800 to $1000 for what they do. It is the sales people and there crap they are trained to say and do that,s the problem.

Here's my visit this past sat.

I worked till 3 pm, was tired sitting on the couch when the front door rings, which is very rare. My wife answered the door, a young girl with big smile says, I am working my way through college and I would like to show you my product.

Could I come in for just a minute? My wife looked at me and said, is it ok? I said yes for a few minutes we are going to town to eat about 4 pm.

Then the lil girls says I have to get my boss to watch me, she went out to the car, my wife says here comes a man with a big box, so he came in started unloading and talking, out came a kirby, and I knew we were tricked.

About that time my wife said where is she going?

The little girl drove down the road. He said he was actully the seller and wanted to show us the system, it was about 3:20 pm.

I said I know thes are good vacuums, but my wife does not work, we just barely have enough to live on and I am not buying so you are wasting your time. He kept going said it would cost $3080.00.

I was laughing.

He said he must do the presentation and let his boss see. He told us we are nasty, filthy, insain, for not buying. After about another hour, he asked to go in our bedroom but we refused, and he asked for a pillow.

Idea - we had bought 2 new pillows still in plastic, so my wife got 1 pretended to get it from the bed, so he vacuumed it.

There was black dirt all on the little white circles they use. When we told him what we did he got mad, so I told him to leave now but he refused.

I told him to go or I would call 911. He went on the porch for 15 minutes trying to call some one. It was now 5:30 pm. He walked out in the yard, so my wife set his stuff on the porch, locked the door and we went out the back road to town and got somthing to eat.

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